Other nutritionists may be keen to recommend all kinds of things you do not need; Paul’s approach is to get to the route of the problem and advise you what will work and explain why.  Paul is extremely knowledgeable about holistic and even extreme nutrition, and well able to tailor his recommendations to suit individual cases. I was particularly impressed by two things: his breadth of nutritional knowledge and his specialist research in the use of medicinal fungi. Paul is someone who walks the talk. I felt very reassured that Paul has managed to heal himself from the symptoms of some serious limb injuries which would otherwise have required ongoing surgery. I recently had a fractured sternum which I sustained in a car accident, for which there is no treatment other than painkillers and rest. Thanks to Paul’s advice and assistance I recovered completely within three weeks. All I have now is some remaining swelling which will disappear over time. The other great thing about Paul is that he makes exceedingly good chocolates… mmmmm.”

Suz Evasdaughter – Raw Food Nutritionist and author of The Raw Route to Perfect Health and Weight. East Sussex, UK.

After a spate of sports related injuries, years of suffering from allergies and a four year battle with anxiety, I decided to research online for ways of living a healthier, less stressful life. I contacted Paul last autumn and the advice I have received since has been nothing short of excellent. Detailed yet easy to understand emails outlining various approaches to leading a healthier life including diet tips, health supplements and tonics have really helped me to achieve a more balanced, positive life style. My allergies are much better now and I have noticed significant changes in my physique, sleep patterns, anxiety and stress levels. They have most definitely all changed for the better! On top of this I feel much calmer and more energetic, especially at work. Thanks for everything, I look forward to continuing to discover new ways of leading a more positive lifestyle with the help of your advice in the future.”

Ben Beechey – Tokyo, Japan.

Paul has been of immense help to me shortly after I had given birth to my first baby. I have been struggling with lack of sleep and energy, constantly nursing and unable to cope with the change; thinking about it now, I was also becoming depressed with a speed of light. Paul took time to thoroughly and knowledgeably explain the Taoist health philosophy and gently guide me towards tonic herbs tailored to my needs. I cannot express enough gratitude for his patience and time he took to coach me. Thank you Paul, and good luck in your work!”

Jelena Belgrave – London, UK.

We highly recommend Paul for your holistic nutritional/alternative health needs. He has studied with some notable giants in the holistic field and is a master at his trade – knowledgeable and compassionate. The whole experience is simple and comfortable. Services are rendered in a timely and surprisingly affordable manner. Both my wife and I give the highest kudos to Paul Rimmer.”

Rich Marta – Northern California, USA.

Paul, I have received great benefit from your pine pollen tincture! My libido has increased and I have more of a sense of overall well being coupled with a sense of optimism and motivation for each day that presents itself. I’ve also noticed that my recovery from training has improved, and my memory is so much better. I have actually stopped everything else that I have been consuming (herbs, minerals etc) to make a proper observation, and I am convinced that your pine pollen tincture has replaced so much of my nutritional arsenal. Pine pollen to me is the equivalent of the Swiss Army Knife – there is a lot going on in one particular item! Bless!”

Brent Samyia – NSW, Australia.

I highly recommend Paul for any and all health advice and training. In a world where we may not have the time to do research on the latest health information it is such a blessing that there are hard working dedicated people out there doing it for us. Paul is so knowledgeable. The path that he has led me on has increased my energy levels at least 85% from where they used to be. There is not one single video that Paul has made that I have not benifitted from in my life. I highly recommend him, he is worth his weight in gold!!!”

Elizabeth Chambers – South Korea.

I have been using liquid benonite clay on and off for the past 20 Years, and I was fortunate enough to be given a bottle of Benonite/Zeolite Blend Powder from Paul at On the first day did I feel a bit of muscular soreness and a slight headache – which I attributed to my body expelling nasties from my bloodstream, but from the second day onwards I felt better clarity of mind and an increase in energy. I contribute this to the Benonite/Zeolite Blend pulling mineral deposits and toxicity out of my body. I have now been it using for a period of two weeks with consistent results. But most of all this Blend of Benonite and Zeolite came in so handy the other night when i started to feel sick from a meal I had earlier that evening. I started to show signs of food poisoning, and I remembered how Benonite helps with these issues and I quickly took a full teaspoon of the Benonite/Zeolite Blend with a full cup of water. Within the hour I was feeling much better and had no further symptoms of food poisoning, thank goodness. A friend who I was Dining with had the same meal and actually ended up in the local hospital in the early hours of the morning with severe stomach cramps. I tried contacting him to offer him the Benonite/Zeolite Blend but unfortunately he was uncontactable. This is a an amazing formula that deals with the constant onslaught of chemical and enviromental toxins of modern day living – keep a bottle in the kitchen you will be glad you did!!! This is an excellent product!!!!!!!!!”

– Brent Samyia, NSW, Australia.

“Paul sent me some of his pine pollen liquid extract a few months ago and it remains one of the few tinctures (out of very many in my cabinet) that I continually grab to add into my morning smoothies. I really resonate with the mildly androgenic stamina I feel almost immediately. If you’re into refining your intake of health supplements to the best of the best, then Paul’s Pine pollen liquid extract should definitely be on the list!”

– Rehmannia Dean Thomas, Taoist Tonic Herbalist, Los Angeles, USA.

“I was initially hesitant to purchase a consultation from a man on another continent, though I’m very glad I did. Paul gathered all the information I provided and generated an exceptionally thorough and personalized set of reccommendations with detailed explanations on the reasoning for each. The consultation covered nutritional, to herbal, to movement and mental/emotional techniques leaving no stone unturned. If you wish to heal yourself by participating in and directing your healing journey, I’d highly recommend you seek a consultation through Nyishar.”

– Ryan Eugene, New Hampshire, USA.


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