HOW CANNABIS WORKS – A Rudimentary Look At The Endocannabinoid System

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Cannabis has been used as a medicinal herb for a very long time indeed. A great deal of wisdom has amassed in numerous cultures about its multitude of therapeutic benefits, yet how it actually takes effect on a cellular level is something that has been apprehended only recently.

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Saving People From Death


Some of today’s holistic healthcare practitioners need to wake the fuck up. Perceiving longevity as merely the extension of this life is a “grave” mistake, especially when working with people that are rapidly approaching the end of a terminal illness. Of course healing may always be a possibility even at such a late stage and should be actively pursued at all costs, but often the best and only medicine takes the form of spiritual practice – supporting the individual to let go of their attachment to this life and embrace death as a normal and necessary part of living. Preparation for death can make the world of difference in regards to suffering and to any experiences that may follow once the process of death is well underway.

Palliative care is very much absent in today’s ‘alternative’ health scene, maybe because so many of us believe that EVERYTHING can be healed physically, that death is somehow bad or perhaps because the human ego places a great deal of importance in the glory of ‘saving’ people, rather than understanding when we need to help them let go of this life and move on.

Fighting to survive is a noble path, but knowing when to let go is true wisdom. I hope that more people begin to understand the multi-faceted nature of healing and that longevity doesn’t only apply to the duration of this life, but to all subsequent experiences that follow it. Preparing for life beyond death is truly the measure of a ‘healthy’ mind. Teaching people to go to war with their own death is a disease in itself, and a fear that will likely persist long after the individual has passed on.