Potent anti-stress adaptogen

  • Immune system enhancer
  • Powerful liver tonic
  • Cardiovascular tonic
  • Lung/respiratory tonic
  • Offers detox support & protects against oxidative stress
  • DNA protective/cellular regeneration
  • Antioxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-aging, anti-fatigue

Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) is known in China as Ling Zhi, which translates as ‘The Mushroom of Immortality”. It is one of the most powerful adaptogenic fungi on Earth and has been revered as a sacred medicine for millennia. It is also one of the most well studied ‘herbs’ of all time, first being written about by Shen-Nong almost 2000 years ago in the herbal medicine classic ‘Shennong Bencaojing‘, which roughly translates as ‘The Pharmacopoeia Of The Heavenly Husbandman‘. Reishi was held in extremely high regard for a long time prior to this though, and it was really the privilege of royalty and noblemen to consume Reishi as a profound longevity tonic and spiritual catalyst. It has been the focal point of a lot of ancient, sacred artwork and has inspired people through its sheer beauty as well as its profound health benefits. In more recent times Reishi has had an immense amount of scientific attention, being the focus of countless studies – most of which validate and explain it’s incredibly long standing reputation as one of the most powerful and highly prized natural medicines…

Adaptogenic herbs are substances that are always striving to bring the body and mind into a state of balance and harmony with the surrounding environment. Every aspect of human physiology is influenced towards a state of systemic equilibrium. Our healing and repair mechanisms are supported in a way that enhances our ability to handle physical, mental and emotional stress, and also minimises the damaging effects of this stress. Stress is an inevitable, unavoidable part of being human, and as modern people we are exposed to unprecedented levels of stress on a daily basis – some of which are very new to our evolutionary history (EMF’s, excessive radiation, stress of work etc…) and so we have not yet evolved to manage these stressors very well… This is why adaptogens like Reishi are now so important.

One of Reishi’s most well researched actions is its ability to modulate the immune system, thanks to its vast array of branched, long chain polysaccharides. It doesn’t simply stimulate immune function like other herbs (Echinacea etc…), nor does it merely depress immune function – it does both, based on the needs of the individual consuming it. Like many of the other top adaptogens Reishi carries out important work inside our bodies that is tailored to our own unique situation. It is actually a very personal relationship that one can develop with herbs like this, because it will not necessarily behave the same way from one person to the next. Through scientific analysis Reishi has revealed to contain over 100 different polysaccharides and 119 different triterpene compounds, all of which significantly improve the function of immune cells like macrophages, lymphocytes and natural killer cells amongst others.

Reishi contains a suite of ganoderic acids – chemicals that have shown excellent results in reducing allergies and other autoimmune conditions. Ganoderic acids are also powerful antioxidants that simultaneously increase the flow of oxygen throughout the body. One of their most widely recognised features is their ability to tonify and support the liver. Ganoderic acids work directly on supporting liver function – the assimilation, utilisation and storage of nutrients, the breaking down of toxicity and converting it into either useful substances or harmless waste matter, purifying the blood and supporting the immune system are just a few of the countless roles of the liver that our lives completely depend upon. Ganoderic acids also inhibit beta-glucuronidase – an enzyme that plays a major role in liver dysfunctions like hepatitis and cirrhosis. As well as enhancing all of these functions, ganoderic acids posses pronounced anti-inflammatory properties – all of which reduce the workload of the liver and allow it run more smoothly and efficiently.

Aside from the ganoderic acids, Reishi’s extensive assortment of triterpene compounds have been studied at great length and shown to have a very positive healing effect on asthma and bronchitis as they seriously increase the oxygen absorbing capacity of the alveoli in the lungs. Much success has also been experienced in treating arthritis and inhibiting cholesterol synthesis, so Reishi has been used to treat atherosclerosis and heart disease as well.

For many years now Reishi has been approved as an anti-cancer ‘drug’ for a number of different types of cancer. Aside from the general immune enhancement, Reishi’s polysaccharides have shown to initiate anywhere between a 5 and 29-fold increase in tumour necrosis factors, and have significantly inhibited the growth of leukaemia cells during in vitro studies. Reishi is also a potent chemo-protective agent due to its ability to prevent the oxidative damage of chemotherapy while simultaneously protecting the integrity of healthy cells, which also indicates its protective potential regarding atmospheric radiation and environmental contamination as well.

As an antiviral medicine, studies have shown that Reishi can inhibit the replication of the HIV virus and repair immune cells that have become infected with this virus. Reishi also positively impacts the heart because it dilates the blood vessels while managing to decrease diastolic blood pressure (blood entering the heart) without altering heart rhythm at all.

Throughout antiquity Reishi was always known as the “herb of spiritual potency” because of its ability to calm the mind and nervous system and help create more of a sense of inner-peace through consistent, long term use. It is also believed to improve memory and increase focus and concentration and therefore enhance our ability to embrace new experiences and learn from them. This is really why it is understood to be a spiritual catalyst. Mountain sages, yogis and monks all appreciated Reishi because of this, and believed that it worked on the human psyche in much the same way as it does in its natural ecosystem. Reishi is a saprophyte, which means it grows on dead and decaying organic matter and accelerates the process of converting this dead matter into beneficial nutrients that benefit the ecosystem. Inside the human organism Reishi is believed to rapidly support the breakdown of habitual tendencies and repetitive behavioural patterns that no longer support our development, and in doing so returns them as active fertiliser to the soil of our being.

In more contemporary circles this reputation still persists. It is actually quite difficult to come across people that have not had this kind of experience when using Reishi for a while – the calming effects that place it as one of the primary anti-stress herbs of our time, and these effects are cumulative, so they do tend to gain momentum as time passes.

Reishi is also revered as a ‘three treasure tonic’. The ancient Taoist health philosophy is founded on the existence of three energies, or “treasures” – JING, CHI and SHEN. JING is our most basic, fundamental life force essence and represents our youth and ability to reproduce, CHI is the circulation and movement of that essence and is integral throughout digestion, breathing and our daily energy needs, and SHEN is the spirit energy, the expression of our purpose here on Earth. In the Taoist health system there are a number of herbs that enhance one or more of these treasures, although Reishi mushroom has a powerful tonifying effect on all three. It refills our jing battery and prevents us from becoming depleted in our most fundamental essence. It builds and circulates chi which provides us with available energy without stimulation, and it enhances our shen energy, transforming our personal negativity into useful tools for personal development and thus broadening our motivation and purpose in life.

All of these benefits contribute to another of Reishi’s titles – ‘The Great Protector’… Because it builds immunity, strengthens the nervous system, supports the lungs, liver, heart and kidneys, improves our ability to handle stress and helps protect us from environmental toxicity as well as nourishing all three treasures of the Taoist health philosophy. All of this can begin to put us into a position of personal power, because we begin to feel more protected which can lead us towards a state of bravery – where we feel more able to embark upon new journeys of discovery that empower us on our path of evolution.

Duanwood Reishi is the most consistently potent & medicinally beneficial variety of cultivated Reishi that exists, and is at least twice as potent as any other type of cultivated Reishi anywhere in the world. Unlike many inferior producers that fruit the mushrooms from grain, Duanwood Reishi is grown in China on logs from native hardwood trees – trees that Reishi would naturally be growing on in the wild. This method of cultivation doesn’t require any petrochemical additives in order to succeed. Mountain spring water is all that needs to be introduced into the growing environment. Duanwood Reishi is actually regulated by the Chinese government so that no chemicals are allowed to be used at all. Scientific analysis has shown that Duanwood Reishi has consistently higher levels polysaccharides, triterpenes and other beneficial compounds that make it one of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms in the world.

Nyishar Duanwood Reishi Dual Extract is an incredibly concentrated and potent extract. The whole Reishi is carefully broken down to reveal maximum surface area before being infused in 95% rectified ethanol, in order to create a superior extraction. Once this stage is complete the alcohol infusion is run through a tincture press. It is then decocted in freshly harvested wild spring water, and finally run through the tincture press a second time. Both the alcohol and the water extract the full spectrum of Reishi’s beneficial nutrients and medicinal constituents, and when combined make a complete and powerful tonic medicine. The finished dual extract is then bottled in miron violet glass in order to perfectly preserve the integrity of of the medicine, and spends a minimum of 7 days inside a grounded pyramid before being made commercially available.

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