Nyishar is a family run business based near Forest Row, in Sussex (South East of England)

If you have any questions about Nyishar products or want to enquire about a consultation with me, please email me: paul|AT|nyishar.com

We do not have a physical shop and can’t receive clients in person at present.

Do bare in mind that we receive A LOT of emails! Please note that I don’t have time to respond to every single one – I can only deal with Nyishar related enquiries. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions about personal health issues then you will have to book a consultation with me. I accommodate shorter and longer sessions. Please read the Consultations page for more details.

Alternatively, I provide countless hours of free educational videos on holistic health and wellbeing on my Youtube channel where many important topics are covered.

Feel free to connect with Nyishar on Facebook.

The best way to be kept updated about new limited edition products, other news and generally what I have been up to, is to subscribe to my Youtube channel, to my blog and to my newsletter (I tend to send them twice a month and they ALWAYS come with a discount code which can be used in the Nyishar shop).


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    1. Hi,

      Yes we do, pine pollen would be useful – in powder or tincture – Although the tincture would be best and you should also combine nettle root extract with it for optimal results.

  1. thx for the good work,and making planet earth a nice and healthy place!!!you are awsome!
    and also props to everyone whos helping you 😉

  2. I am just steeping my first Chaga from a few large pieces given to me by a friend, after watching your video. I am planning to order some powdered Chaga from Nyishar. The overview says 1 teaspoon servings. Do I steep the powdered Chaga so I am able to make daily servings rather than making a larger batch? Can’t wait to try Chaga Tea! Thank you for your journey and your willingness to share with others! Kathy Rice

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