HOW CANNABIS WORKS – A Rudimentary Look At The Endocannabinoid System

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Cannabis has been used as a medicinal herb for a very long time indeed. A great deal of wisdom has amassed in numerous cultures about its multitude of therapeutic benefits, yet how it actually takes effect on a cellular level is something that has been apprehended only recently.

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How To Make Your Own Turmeric Powder

Making your own turmeric powder is not only easy and cost effective, but it will also produce the best quality end product that is superior to anything else you can buy. This is very important because as we will see, there are a lot of crap products out there that don’t deliver the results you’re expecting. Medicine making at home is a cultural skill that we really need to re-introduce to the modern world, for we are in danger of un-educating ourselves to the point of corporate dependency. Not an ideal situation to be in if we’re honest…

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Wild Yogi’s Tonic Testimonials!

The Wild Yogi’s Tonic is a rare and precious formula that has been quietly developing a classic reputation amongst health and spiritual enthusiasts since its release almost a year ago. What follows are the shared experiences of people that have been using this formula, and how it has supported them in healing and making progress on their personal journeys…


1)As a yoga teacher, editor of a magazine and mother of two home educated daughters I need to be able to perform at my best physically and mentally so this tonic has been a real blessing for me. It contains three adaptogens that help to increase mental clarity, focus and concentration, increase oxygen absorption and support the nervous system. 

Being extremely interested in Tibetan culture and spiritual heritage I was excited to learn about Tibetan Rhodiola, one of the key ingredients of the Wild Yogi’s Tonic. It is considered a sacred plant, excellent for lung health and very effective at balancing the hormonal system. I have found since taking this tonic that my adrenal function has improved. I am much less prone to bouts of high adrenal energy and the resulting crash. My energy levels and ability to focus are much more sustained and balanced. Another key ingredient, The Tibetan Goji Berry is said to have a profound effect on eye health as well as benefiting lungs, kidneys and liver. It is also hailed as longevity medicine and though I cannot comment on this I have certainly felt less strain on my kidneys since taking this tonic. It is interesting to note that Schizandra has such a powerful effect on the liver as I have noticed a real reduction in my anger levels since taking the tonic, much less reaction to common irritants.

I feel more balanced and stable in my emotional landscape. Across the whole of my body and mind I have witnessed benefits of taking this powerful and highly charged medicine. I would recommend this to anyone looking to live a more enhanced, energised and harmonious existence.” – Melissa Corkhill, yoga teacher and editor of The Green Parent Magazine – East Sussex, United Kingdom.          Melissa’s Blog     FaceBook Page     The Green Parent Magazine


2) “I have several years’ experience with adaptogens, and I have found the Nyishar products to be the best quality & highest potency available, anywhere. The Wild Yogi’s Tonic has given me increased energy, specifically mental focus, & allowed me to break through several long-term habits & negative patterns. The Tonic also provides a beneficial androgenic effect, as well as noticible immune-system benefits. This Tonic is an essential part of my strategy.” – Gavin Wildon – Suffolk, United Kingdom.


3) “Adaptogens baby. This is where it’s at. A few months ago, I started using ashwagandha while on a stress detox. I had never heard of the word adoptogen before, but I thought I’d give it a whirl. Adaptogens promote homeostasis of the body and thereby decrease your cells likely hood of becoming stress monsters. So when a friend  recently sent me a sample of the Wild Yogi’s Tonic, which is full of adaptogens, I knew I would be game. 

This tonic is full of super hero goodness. It’s more than I can write about, but what I was most excited to see was wild Schizandra. This is a superstar for your liver. After years of diabolical treatment to my liver (yes I went to college), I knew my liver needed help.  After a few weeks of using this, I feel like I have a happy liver. I am a big fan of supplements, and this tonic is on my top list.

Our world is so disconnected from nature, we work in cubicles, walk in shoes, and have no idea what a garden is. In my past life, I sometimes imagine that I was a medicine woman or a herb witch. Herbs grow in my garden like weeds these days. So when I use teas, herbs, and supplements I feel a deeper connection to an ancient world that is slowly slipping away.  Let nature be thy medicine is my new motto. And I deserve to feel good is my second. This tonic has helped me connect to both of those concepts.” – Liv Mcrein, Ashtanga yoga teacher and health coach – Mackenbach, Germany. Liv’s Website


More Flying Potion Testimonials!

The Flying Potion is actually a major lifetime achievement. When I created it I knew there was something extremely special, powerful and unique about it, but I had no idea how popular it would become in such a short period of time and how many people it would help and support on such a profound level. This year it has developed a large following of people that swear by its transformative benefits and I have to admit, the feedback has been both humbling and awe-inspiring…

Flying Potion Photo
The Nyishar Flying Potion…

I have published some previous testimonials about the Flying Potion before (which you can read here), but I thought I would share a couple more with you now as they both moved and honoured me, and further established the awesome yet subtle power of this incredible formula…

“I stumbled upon the flying potion and I was instantly intrigued. Having had difficulties maintaining lucidity in the last couple of months I figured this might be that little extra push to help me get back on track. To begin with I didn’t really feel any effects but I persisted with it. My dreams were perhaps longer and a tad more vivid but I couldn’t quite get lucid. Being quite a regular lucid dreamer in the past (probably had no lucidity in the last 2 months) I felt disappointed but I began to notice a change in myself. Now I’ve suffered most of my life with quite complex mental health issues. Without going into too much detail I’ve had really bad depression for almost 10 years now as well as experiencing hallucinations and hearing voices. This is something I have to continuously battle and it makes functioning in day to day life very difficult. I’ve taken various meds that do provide some stability but not for very long.

After taking the flying potion for the last 2 weeks I feel absolutely amazing. I have more energy. I feel more positive. I’m starting to get motivation back. I feel more able to handle my problems and people say I’m nicer to be around (I’m normally a completely miserable fucker). It’s helping me see things in a different light and although this isn’t going to “cure” me of anything (I don’t wish to be “cured” anyway) this is definitely the pick me up I need to finally get my life on track. So I just wanted to say thank you. Max Hunter, Yorkshire, UK.

Max Hunter Art
Some of Max’s art since using the Flying Potion…

“I just received a bottle of the Flying Potion from Nyishar. This is an excellent Shen formula for anyone who seeks a more spiritual peace. It contains a fine combination of herbs long known in China to raise conscious frequencies in and around a person. I highly recommend the Flying Potion for all spiritual mendicants, as well as for those who wish to break out of ideological ruts.” – Rehmannia Dean Thomas, Taoist Tonic Herbalist, Los Angeles, USA.

Rehmannia Dean Thomas Portrait
Rehmannia Dean Thomas – Taoist Tonic Herbalist…