The Ugly Truth About Mushroom Powders.

I have known for years that the supplement industry is a minefield of misinformation and deceitful marketing, but through a lot of hard work we were fortunate enough to have connected with an outstanding small-scale manufacturer of mushroom extract powders whom we had a great relationship with. The products themselves were amazing quality, everybody loved them and we genuinely believed that we were beyond the influence of corruption. That belief however, turned out to be a little shortsighted.

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Alcohol Extracts – Are They Safe?

Alcohol extracts have been a part of pretty much every indigenous herbal tradition everywhere, forever! Certain types of artisan made alcohol are considered to have genuine medicinal qualities for different constitutional types when consumed in the right amount and with a certain degree of wisdom. Alcohol consumption wasn’t always about the excessive indulgence of mass produced, industrial scale garbage. None-the-less, some people have concerns about the use of alcohol in preparing herbal extracts and question whether it is safe or even necessary.

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How To Make Chaga Mushroom Tea – The Proper Way

Chaga mushroom is a fungal sclerotia that grows most commonly on Birch trees within the circumpolar region of the northern hemisphere. It has been used as a folk medicine for centuries, primarily as an immune booster, remedy for digestive and respiratory ailments and an overall vitality tonic. It has now been studied extensively and proven to contain a wide array of different nutrients and medicinal constituents that can provide us with A LOT of health benefits.

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A Forest Mushroom Walk…

Throughout the temperate regions of this planet, a walk through the forest during Autumn is likely to present a magestic, ‘bemushroomed’ landscape to those paying attention. It can unearth sensations within us that we may have neglected to acknowledge since early childhood – feelings of being in a real-life fairytale or some magical fantasy epic. Connecting with our natural surroundings during periods of seasonal transition can genuinely enliven the senses and activate even the dustiest of imaginations… it can provide genuine medicine for the spirit!

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The Nyishar Ambassador Program!

Welcome to the new Nyishar Ambassador Program! We have wanted to work on this project for quite some time and are very excited to see it now coming to life!

What is it you say? Well, simply put, we are collaborating with health conscious individuals whom we have great respect for – people at the top of their game in their chosen field, pushing the boundaries of what is possible while prioritising their health and wellbeing in order to make it all happen. This could be in the realm of sport, art, music or anything that explores beyond the boundaries of limitation…

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Should I Take Herbs Every Day?

When people start getting into herbs, they often become very excited about the diversity of plants and their plethora of therapeutic actions, and they begin learning about the health benefits of different substances and most importantly, they begin consuming them. After a short time has passed and the budding herbal gannet has consumed a small truckload of herbs and supplements, a question naturally arises: “Should I take herbs every day…?”

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